Our Story

We, Arie and Marleen, are a married couple and are breeding our bulbs in the northern part of The Netherlands since 1982. Our fathers were breeders so we grew up surrounded by flowers. After we got married, we started a nursery for a variety of products, later we specialized in Allium, Muscari and Triteleia. We continuously develop new varieties.

We are proud that after 35 years of breeding Muscari’s, we created a big, stunning, deep blue Muscari. When Arie found this beautiful deep blue flower, in our field full of Muscari’s, he knew that it was something special, and he named it after his wife, Marleen.

Now we sell the bulbs of Muscari Marleen in our webshop together with our amazing crazy Allium Dready. You can plant them in your garden or in pots and you can also cut the flowers for the vase.

We hope our flowers can make you as happy as they make us.